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What we're about...

'Crop Circles Explored' is a thrilling and engaging documentary, all about the mysterious and baffling phenomenon that is Crop Circles. We aim to explore and test some of the commonly held beliefs and myths about these amazing works of art, and delve deep into the causes and the effects that they can have on people and their lives.

Neil & Stu are co-hosts of the successful ALIENS EXPLORED weekly podcast, where they debate famous and obscure UFO events, theories, and the people surrounding UFOlogy from both a skeptical and a believing perspective (whilst keeping an open mind). This is something we feel gives real balance to the discussion rather than simply promoting a single viewpoint as so many documentaries and podcasts seem to do.

As regular listeners to Aliens Explored will know, Crop Circles are a special passion of Stu's, as he has much of the last 20+ years visiting circles and examining them as much as possible. Neil on the other hand had only vaguely heard of them when they started their podcast together, and remains skeptical to this day. This documentary is vitally important to gaining further widespread awareness of the phenomenon, and will aim to answer some of the greatest mysteries surrounding the subject as a result.

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